I am a historian of vasectomy and wider topics of gender, sexuality, medicine, and masculinities. I am currently completing my PhD at the University of Strathclyde, with the title ‘A Social History of Vasectomy in Britain, c. 1920-1990’.
As my research is amongst the first historical research into vasectomy worldwide and especially in Britain, I have been able to share my research with a wide range of people both within and outwith academia. Some of my talks, interviews, and articles are available online without needing academic access, you can see a list of these here. My academic CV also lists my recent lectures, papers, and other academic output.
In addition to my own research, I am an educator and enjoy developing interactive and engaging lesson plans, teaching materials, and reading lists. In particular, I am a major podcast listener and love to compile podcast lists on specific aspects of my teaching, for any students (or other history enthusiasts) who also like to learn in this way. You can find some of my teaching resources on my Blog, particularly under the Teaching Resources and Further Reading tags.

This website will hopefully be a directory of my own work and of resources for others. I enjoy giving talks, interviews, and consulting on history relating to my specialisms. If you would like to contact me for these purposes, or to suggest anything for my site, please use my Contact page.